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What’s The Science Behind The Powerful Breakthrough Cancer Treatment That Harvard Medical School Claims “Can Efficiently Attack And Kill Tumor Cells” Without Any Side-Effects?

Learn More About CAR T-Cell Immunotherapy In Mexico & Improve Your Chances Of Beating Breast Cancer

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Why Is It Impossible To Get CAR T-Cell Therapy
At This Time In The US and Canada?

According to a recent article published by Harvard Medical School “CAR T-cell immunotherapy is a powerful approach for treating cancer, but it’s not available for many patients who need it.”

Hospitals, physicians and medical insurance companies in the US and Canada are telling patients interested in CAR T Cell therapy that it might take as much as 18-24 months before they can even be considered for a clinical trial (not guaranteeing admission)!

The reason why patients in the US and Canada face many obstacles to receive this breakthrough treatment is because “manufacturing CAR T cells for each individual patient is expensive and takes time—time patients may not have on their side.” according to Harvard Medical School.

Healthcare organizations in the US and Canada are not allowing patients to receive CAR T-Cell therapy but well researched patients are taking advantage of Mexico’s health policies and getting immediate unobstructed access to this breakthrough cancer treatment.

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What Is CAR T-Cell Immunotherapy and
Why Is It So Powerful Against Breast Cancer?

In CAR T-cell therapy, T cells from a patient’s own blood are engineered to carry so-called chimeric antigen receptors, or CARs, that enhance the T cells’ ability to attack and kill tumor cells.

In other words, your own cells are supercharged and engineered in a safe lab setting and reintroduced into your body with the newly acquired abilities to beat your cancer.

CAR T-Cell therapy is the key to unlocking the power of your own body’s immune system to fight off cancer and help you achieve remission.

If you’d like to learn the science behind CAR T-Cell immunotherapy and see if you’re a possible candidate click here.

Will CAR T-Cell Therapy Work For Your Specific Case?

As you know, every case is different.

Cancer may affect people differently depending on a multitude of factors, but patients who have received CAR T-Cell therapy have seen significant improvements.

You can expect the biggest improvements when you incorporate CAR T Cell therapy to your current treatment protocol because this breakthrough treatment will enhance whatever treatment you’re receiving back home.

If you’re interested in talking to a member of our team and finding out how CAR T-Cell therapy will improve your specific case please click here.

How Can You Get CAR T-Cell Therapy In Mexico Without Having To Wait?

You’re only a few steps away from receiving this revolutionary treatment and improving your quality of life.

Our medical board can establish your candidacy for CAR T-Cell therapy through a phone consultation within 24 hours if necessary, but since this treatment is in such high demand, we only have space for 10 breast cancer patients a month at our state-of-the-art facilities in Mexico.

You can begin the process by providing us with your contact information and receiving a quick call at your preferred time of contact from one of our case managers.

If you’re interested in finding out more about getting CAR T Cell therapy click here.

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More About The Immunotherapy Institute

A history about us and our group, we’re the leading authority of cancer treatment in Mexico.

We combine years of expertise in a variety of different areas and unite them in one place, the Immunotherapy Institute.

We host all specialties at our facilities.

We’re the first truly integrative cancer center in Mexico, a place where we use the cutting edge equipment, technology to treat each patient and conduct interventions but understand the value of certain alternative treatments that are needed because of the synergistic nature of cancer medicine.

We’re the only team to have established our practice in the most important private hospital in Latin America.

As a group we’ve been helping patients for over 20 years, developing integrative cancer programs at major hospitals such as Angeles Hospital, where we still host our in-patient program.

Recently we’ve extended our presence by opening the Immunotherapy Institute for outpatient service.

The Immunotherapy Institute is meant to provide outpatient support for patients who don’t require full hospitalization.

We’re the only center in Tijuana that has been licensed by the health department to extract process and administer autologous immunotherapy.

The same breakthrough treatments are available here, the only difference is where you spend the night, we keep our inpatient facility for those that in addition to receiving our breakthrough treatments, need to add a proper management of cancer related complications.

In fact both facilities are less than a mile away from each other.

In cancer treatment, there are no gurus or star doctors.

This is a team. We don’t place the entire value in a single person.

No one doctor knows everything, and best practices are quickly evolving, especially since our patients’ needs are often changing at such a rapid pace.

A team approach is key — we all have important insights and expertise to offer each other.

Additionally, aside from the changes and shifts that might arise within a specific situation, everything as far as the patient’s disease might be exactly the same.

The treatment might be the same, as well.

The tumor size, type of cancer, stage, and so on will all remain the same.

But there is one huge difference: the patient.

There are huge differences between patients.

One might be an athlete, another might be a couch potato.

And although both patients have treatment options, these conditions might be substantially different from one another, they apparently might have the same diagnosis but they’re entirely different.

It’s all in these details.

We’ve been taught to believe that classifying cancer into categories makes them equal.

But the reality is that they’re not, which is why they need a collaboration of experts to address them and work toward a positive outcome.

This treatment approach will always keep in mind your quality of life, we will never sacrifice it in the process of “eradicating” or “eliminating” cancer.

Cancer by itself is an aggressive disease and can create serious complications.

And the standard treatment could also be too aggressive, also with the possibility of complicating things further resulting in abruptly stopping treatment for the safety of the patient or a completely negative outcome.

To make progress towards recovery, we need to ensure each patient’s treatment plan is both unique and perfectly tailored to their specific needs and condition.

Cancer treatments can create serious complications too complex for a one-size-fits-all approach.

It is imperative to keep this in mind to make sure quality of life is never second to treatment.

Following a one size fits all approach will result in only a select few to overcome and a majority of patients to be left behind.

When we treat patients we do it in terms of their unique situation, their wellbeing is always our priority.


You will find hope at the Immunotherapy Institute, no matter what they’ve told you anywhere else


Find a team of specialists that offers you the top treatments from the brightest minds from the worldwide community of medicine. This treatment approach is not available in the United States, find true hope in Mexico.


Is Medical Tourism safe? Will I be safe during the visit to your Immunotherapy Institute?


Tijuana is one of the largest cities in Mexico, and just like any other large city, it has its unsafe areas.

Fortunately, we’re located in the medical, financial and gastronomic district which is the safest area of the city.

The San Diego and Tijuana border is the most crossed border in the world with over 100,000 border crossings every single day, making it an international crossborder metropoli.

Tijuana has been the mecca of medical tourism for the past 60 years.

Over the years its medical infrastructure has grown exponentially. 

There are patients coming for all kind of  procedures, for something as simple as a root canal or a hernia repair all the way to an integrative cancer treatment

Regarding technology, medical treatments and specialists Mexico can compete with any of the top countries around the world.As an example, one of our most important strategic partners, Hospitales Angeles, is the largest and most prestigious private hospital networks in all of Latin America, giving us access to the latest and most advance technologies to date.

Time Is Of The Essence...

With cancer there is an extreme urgency to revert the malady as soon as possible and restore you to full health.

In some cases the cancer might be sleeping for years but it can turn critical in a matter of weeks.

Sometimes it can reawaken and attack you in a matter of DAYS.

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