If we had to choose one element of our slate of cancer treatment services that sets us apart from other clinics in Tijuana, it would be our tireless dedication to follow up care. 

We remain in continuous contact with all patients for three years after treatment at no additional cost. 

Our “Follow Up Program” is really a continuation of treatment once the patient has returned home. Once we have created balance in a patient’s body through treatment at the Institute, our doctors create a series of steps for the patient to follow to continue their progress. The steps could include nutritional guidelines or a continuation of other prescribed therapies done at the clinic. The most important part of the follow up process, though, is constant communication between the doctors and the patient. This communication helps the team continually adjust to home treatment. 

The team will organize regular phone calls and/or video chats to keep the lines of communication open. We will also speak with caregivers and loved ones of the patient in order to make them feel comfortable with all prescribed treatments. 

Our Follow Up Program helps our patients in remission stay in remission

Dose Response Monitoring

In order to create a patient’s individual follow up plan, we use what is called “Dose Response.” Once a patient has been administered a particular treatment, the medical team waits an established amount of time for the effects to be evident. After this period, we employ the gold standard of tests to discover the extent of the success of a particular treatment and to determine if an adjustment, if any, is necessary. 

The gold standard of tests we use include:

  • Imaging: We provide the most advanced CT scans, MRI and PET scans available Tijuana for cancer detection.
  • Lab Work: Through blood sampling, we run a full evaluation of the functions of the body. Chemical analysis of blood is one of the most precise ways for our medical team to get a picture of a patient’s health. 
  • Symptoms: We ask the patient to do a deep personal analysis of everything they are feeling so that we can pinpoint any lingering issues.
  • Physical exam: Our expertly trained medical team will perform a full physical exam of the patient.
  • Psychological exam: The patient will undergo a psychological analysis to determine their current state of mind.

Ongoing healing can only happen when the mind is ready for it.   

Returning Home

Once all of the evaluations have been completed, the medical team creates an individual Follow Up Program. All elements, therapies and instructions will be explained in detail to the patient and their companion, if present.

In order to stay in or achieve remission, it is critical that the patient follows the Follow Up Program closely. Again, clear communication between doctor and patient can help the patient stay on the right track. Adjustments will also be made to the home treatments if necessary.

While not required, we encourage patients to return to the clinic at regular intervals to be re-evaluated in person by the medical team.