TCM for cancer treatment

Our TCM (T-Cell Modulator) treatment is a specific encoded message to trigger a chain of reactions in the cells that form our immune system. In simple words, our TCM treatment activates our plan of attack against cancer.

The immune system has different types of cells such as: white cells, lymphocytes, myeloid cells and T-Cells. All of them have a special function against malignant cells and share a special communication system to fight them together. The plan of attack is simple: recognize a malignant cell, introduce it to other fighting cells, attack it and kill it.

 However, we must remember two important aspects:

  • Cancer patients are in a state of immune compromise and the proof of this is the presence of the disease.
  • Patients who have been previously treated with chemotherapy are likely to have damage in their white blood cells, thus generating a considerable decrease in the number and availability of these attack and defense cells.

By having a low number of “soldiers” the immune response may be present, but insufficient to cope with the disease. However, an immune system with low numbers can generate an efficient and effective response in some cases.

T-Cells modulators have one very important function in the fight against cancer: to stimulate the immune response (white blood cells or leukocytes, lymphocytes and myeloid cells) in the patient 

T Cell Modulation and Cellular Therapy

TCM, in combination with cellular therapy, is a very effective therapeutic tool because with it, we can present an adequate amount of previously programmed soldiers and have the message that will lead to the activation of immune response. 

The TCM is a proprietary product of this Institute and is positioned as an essential tool in the management of cancer. TCM´s side effects are null, giving us an enormous advantage in not having to watch over the toxic impact as is the case with chemotherapy. Since it doesn’t attack the quality of life, it allows our doctors the power to stabilize those patients who are in complex states.

White blood cell types

 The roles of each type of white blood cell in the fight against cancer:

  • T-Cells: there are two types of T-cells: cooperative and cytotoxic. The cooperative cells send the message to attack while the cytotoxic attack the cancerous cells with chemical agents.
  • LAK Cells: they are called Activated Killer Lymphocytes and are created in the lab. In the process they are extracted, isolated and stimulated with chemicals to attack the malignant cells.
  • Dendritic Cells: They introduce the enemy with a defense system called “phagocytosis.” Later in the process they eat the malignant cells or places them inside, to kill them later.
  • NK Cells: Known as the Natural Killer Cells, they enter the membrane of the malignant cells and kill it from the inside.

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