The primary objective of the Immunotherapy Institute is to heal patients by treating the whole person – mind, body and spirit. We do this by adopting a patient-centered approach. Our patients are invited to take an active role in their treatment. While Dr. Ariel Perez is the head of our medical team, we like to say that the patient is the team leader.

Our patients have an active voice throughout the entire treatment process. One of the most valuable tools we have at our disposal is our listening and detective skills. We learn everything the patient has been through, what they know about their cancer, their lifestyle, what they eat and how they are living with cancer. We’re experts at getting to the bottom of each case, so we implore our patients to share as much of their experience with us as they can. 

This approach is what sets us apart from conventional treatment. We don’t group our patients into categories. Conventional treatments often follow a protocol defined by the type and location of cancer. We do that, but we go much deeper in order to deliver a treatment program that is completely unique for each patient. 

We’re always looking to bring the body back into its natural balance.

A Mexican Cancer Treatment Center of Firsts

  • First program of its kind that respects and listens to every patient’s decisions regarding their treatment. We never impose ourselves and never criticize any patient for asking about unconventional therapies. We are tireless advocates for our patients and their concerns.
  • First program in which the patient can expect education in relation to their condition to create better understanding, based on demonstrated science. We remove the myths and false information that many other centers profit from. 
  • First program to incorporate the psychological state of the patient as a fundamental part of cancer management; we don’t just look at the biological condition.
  • First program with a nutrition plan that takes into account the current global situation – processed foods and their low nutritional content. The consumption of refined sugars is rampant and chemicals, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs have infiltrated our food supply. Our nutritional plan is based on the unique needs of each patient, taking into account their general condition, disease, ethnicity and previous surgeries.
  • First program with proper follow-up, which is vital to the measurement of results and making future decisions.
  • First program of its kind to have the emergency and hospice support of a conventional hospital of the magnitude of Hospital Angeles.
  • First program to focus on remission, not profit from endless treatment. 

About Our Patients

We could talk about ourselves all day, but we’d prefer to talk about our patients.

Our patients are our heroes. We see them bravely fight their diseases every day with humility, grace and sometimes, humor.

Our patients come from all over the world and have often been told that they have no hope, that nothing can be done for them.

Our patients are a treasured community.