What drives the overall experience for our patients is the idea that the patient is the leader of our medical team. At all times, we strive to provide the smoothest, most comfortable treatment experience possible – always guided by the wishes of the patient. 

Our Facilities 

Treatment is provided on an outpatient basis at our relaxing retreat-like center in a quiet section of Tijuana, near the best of what Tijuana has to offer. Here, our patients find a calming place to focus on healing.

At all times, companions can be present with the patient and can join in the wonderful feeling of community the Institute is so proud of. Our patients often remain in touch with each other after returning home.

Specially prescribed nutritional meals are provided to patients and companions alike as well as snacks throughout the day. Our compassionate and skilled team is there to make sure that all patients’ needs are taken care of.

In extreme medical cases, including emergencies, our affiliation with Angeles Hospital ensures that all medical needs will be taken care of by the most advanced facility in Tijuana – a first for an alternative cancer center in Mexico.

The Patient Coordinator Team

We understand that for some patients, international travel for medical care can be at best stressful and at worst, daunting. This is why we created the Patient Coordinator Team. These trained professionals make the process of becoming a patient as easy as possible. 

Each patient is assigned their own Patient Coordinator from the team who acts as a case manager. At all times, the coordinator is available to the patient to help with any aspect of the treatment process. 

Becoming a Patient

Becoming a patient at the center is as easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Information Collection: The Patient Coordinator will collect personal and family medical history including any necessary lab tests, diagnostic images, and recent diagnoses.
  2. Phone Consultation: Upon receiving the documents, the Coordinator will schedule a phone consultation with one of our leading physicians; the purpose of the phone consultation is to determine candidacy for any of our programs, and if so, explain the possible course of treatment.
  3. The Patient Coordinator: The Coordinator and travel coordinator will take care of planning and itinerary needs, and can answer any questions about the Institute, available hospital facilities, surgeons, and medical travel services. The Coordinator will also help secure lodging for outpatients. 

We want you to focus on yourself, we will take care of you every step of the way

Getting to the Center

With close coordination with their Patient Coordinator and our in-house travel coordinator, patients make travel arrangements to Tijuana. There are a couple of different options for arriving at the center and we’re happy to coordinate any route the patient desires.

  • Some patients arrive at San Diego International Airport. There, our shuttle picks them up and takes them the 30 miles to the Mexican border and then on to the center. 
  • Other patients cross the border themselves where our shuttle will pick them up and take them to the center.
  • Still others arrive at the center themselves. 

Arriving and Staying in Tijuana

Once patients arrive at the center, they meet their Coordinator and have any immediate needs addressed. We always pay special attention to companions of patients, if present. Our initial goal is to make our patients feel oriented and comfortable. 

Patients stay at accommodations of their choice. We partner with several nearby hotels to provide affordable and comfortable stays. More and more, patients are opting to stay in a vacation rental like Airbnb. 

Once the patient has settled in, an appointment will be made for their Integrative Assessment. This initial meeting and examination with the medical team will provide us with the information we need to craft the individualized treatment program.