IPT uses insulin to modify cancer cells molecular biology. It targets the cancerous cell. The cell “wakes up” with a tremendous appetite. Insulin opens up the cancerous cell membrane, making it vulnerable and receptive to any substance it encounters. One by one, they all start searching for food. During that precise moment, we inject anti-cancer elements.

Cancer cells contains 10 times more insulin receptors than healthy cells, insulin can help target the medication only to cancer cells. Once it has reached them, insulin promotes the permeabilization of the cell’s membrane.

And because it changes the biochemical compounds of the cell, it also serves as detoxification.


The Protocol

NON-CHEMO IPT-Using the I.P.T. protocol, a small dose of insulin helps prepare the body to receive the anti-cancer treatments to cancerous cells. We use neatly selected anti-cancer I.V. medication that will inhibit the proliferation of cancer, reduce inflammation, without toxicity and eliminating side effects. This treatment is complemented with Immune System Support to offer maximum strength to your body’s natural defense system.


In this protocol, low-dose NON-chemotherapy regimens consisting of natural anticancer substances appropriate for the cancers diagnosed are administered in combination with insulin and an infusion of glucose solution. Insulin is used here as a biologic response modifier to potentiate phyto-therapy effects.



  • Uses human insulin to prepare your body to receive the anti-cancer medication.
  • Because cancer cells contain 6 times more insulin receptors than healthy cells, IPT can target the anticancer treatments directly and only to cancerous cells, leaving healthy cells unaffected.
  • The level of toxicity is eliminated; there are NO side-effects.
  • Another property of Insulin is that it promotes permeability in the cancerous cell membrane, so it opens up easily, making the ingestion of any anti-cancer element swift and consumed entirely.
  • With Insulin Potentiation Therapy, you also get a detoxification benefit; substantial nutrients and immune boosters that will help restore and maintain the body’s natural defenses against other cancer agents.
  • This protocol will leave you with more energy and vitality to heal and do the things you love.