Every treatment and therapy we offer at the Immunotherapy Institute has been evaluated by medical boards and labs and are scientifically-based.

None of our treatments threaten the quality of life of our patients.

We will always talk to our patients about the treatments, the possible side effects, the benefits and the recovery period to make sure they are comfortable with it. If the patient has doubts or they do not feel comfortable with a procedure, we will not perform it and we’ll find other therapeutic options to fill in.

The Immunotherapy Institute Protocol

Our treatment protocol is the the most comprehensive and well-developed program to treat cancer in Mexico. The protocol was designed by the institute and is unique to us – there is no other clinic in the world that follows our treatment schedule, this is why we have unparalleled success rates.

The protocol is a 6-stage process that is completely customized for each patient.

Step 1: The Holistic Assessment 

“The allopathic approach to chemotherapy often destroys the body’s own natural ability to attack cancer cells, damaging the immune system and leaving it defenseless against the disease. Our alternative-natural cancer treatment heals the body to maximize its own ability to attack cancer cells and has been studied to increase success rates up to 80% by combining 5 etiological areas: Genetics, Nutrition, Xenobiosis, Chronic Inflammation and psychology” – Dr. Ariel Perez

Understanding the patient’s needs to design the best strategy against cancer

The Holistic Assessment is our first step, where our multidisciplinary team composed of oncologists, surgeons, nutritionists and holistic medicine experts tailor the treatment based on the individual needs and medical history of the patient. The medical team will address the patient’s concerns, assess their health and determine a nutrition plan.

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Stage 2 (ongoing): Cellular Nutrition

Gerson and Keto nutrition principles to nourish the body to maximize the treatment.

Cellular Nutrition is an ongoing stage that is designed to make the patient’s body stronger and healthier so that it can better endure treatment and minimize side-effects. When a body is not getting the sufficient nutrients it needs, a chronic disease such as cancer can grow faster and spread more quickly. Our nutrition program is founded on Gerson therapy and Ketogenic Diet principles that will be tailored to the individual patient based on their medical history, cancer stage and nutrition deficiencies.

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Stage 3: Detoxification

Relieving the body of toxic waste for optimal health

The Detoxification process begins following the initial assessment and is a key element to the management of any type of chronic degenerative disease including cancer. Cancer develops at our body’s cellular level. When a patient is suffering from this disease you can find large amounts of toxins such as: waste, dead cells and pro-inflammatory agents, among others. Once the disease starts to spread, the body will not be able to eliminate these toxins. Our detoxification process employs nutritional and metabolic manipulation of the liver, digestive system, urinary organs and skin to enhance their ability to better eliminate toxins and keep the body at optimal condition.

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Stage 4: Immune Support And Regulation

Reliving the body from chronic inflammation with natural therapies

Our immune system support and regulation therapies play a critical role in the fight against cancer, here we relieve the body from chronic inflammation that deprive the body’s defense system and prevent it from fighting back the cancer.

Our team employs the use of proven immune system support therapies that include Japanese Fungi, Chinese Herbs, Green Tea Extract, Turmeric or Curcumin, Essential Fatty Acids in High Doses, Probiotics, Vitamin D among other, to avoid use of conventional drugs that can cause more harm and have negative side-effects.

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Stage 5: Cancer Suppression

Our Anti-Cancer Strategy to Eliminate Cancer

Our cancer suppression strategy employs the combination of proven therapeutic cancer treatments that have been scientifically tested to reverse the effects of cancer or to completely remove the cancer.

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Stage 6: Follow-up and support

In order to keep our patients in remission, we provide complete follow-up care for three years after treatment. We are in constant communication with our patients, offering advice, home treatments and support.

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Complimentary Therapies

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