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A message from Dr. Ariel Perez about COVID-19


Immunotherapy Institute Staff Dr. Ariel

Dear Patient,

At Immunotherapy Institute, we are experts in strengthening and boosting the immune system to fight cancer. This is done in multiple ways through our therapies, where the goal is to improve the function of the immune system as a defense mechanism, to improve the immune system’s response against microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, fungal parasites), and decrease chronic inflammation caused by poorly regulated immune activation.

In many cases we see patients arriving at our institute not knowing they may be carrying bacteria and infections that can weaken their immune system. In these cases we have had great success in treating not only the primary existence of cancer, but their secondary concerns as well.

As a medical group, what is happening with the COVID-19 is not unfamiliar territory. We have been able to successfully help patients during health crisis such as H1N1, Ebola, and SAARS. We have the necessary infrastructure and the experienced team to face these challenges, while continuing to care for our cancer patients.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary program we are not only treating the underlying problem and its complications, we are also stabilizing the patient and therefore the situation to achieve balance and thus walk towards health.

A patient enrolled in the program will have the benefit of receiving adequate support for better immune function and response.

In good health,

Ariel Perez, M.D.
Functional Medicine Director & Co-Founder

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