Systemic Perfusion Hyperthermia

Fighting Cancer from the Inside Out

Harnessing the Healing Power of Fevers to Combat Cancer

In our continuous endeavor to innovate and offer the best treatments in the fight against cancer, we introduce you to Hyperthermia. This approach leverages the body’s natural response to elevated temperatures, commonly known as fever, to potentially eliminate cancer cells.

Fever: The Body’s Natural Defense Mechanism

Fever acts as a sentinel in the body, a response triggered by various external and internal factors including infections, intoxications, and chronic diseases such as cancer. It serves as an alert system, signaling that something is amiss within the body. This mechanism can play out in two ways:

  • A robust and healthy immune system identifies and eradicates cancer cells daily, maintaining a vigilant guard against potential threats.
  • At times, the immune system might overlook the cancer cells, allowing them to spread throughout the body.

We are proud to be the sole provider of systemic perfusion hyperthermia in Mexico, offering a highly effective treatment strategy to our patients.

The Hyperthermia Cancer Procedure

From a medical perspective, cancer manifests as a combination of different diseases that accumulate to form a tumor. The critical battle against cancer occurs at the cellular level, where malignant cells multiply relentlessly. These cells, however, have a vulnerability: they cannot withstand temperatures between 102-107 degrees Fahrenheit. Our institute specializes in generating controlled hyperthermia within the patient’s body, meticulously monitoring vital signs throughout the process.

During hyperthermia, the malignant cell membranes become unstable and permeable, facilitating the introduction of agents capable of neutralizing them. This process also encourages the cells to release surface antigens, vital for immune recognition and activation.

Types of Hyperthermia for Cancer Treatment

  • Regional: This approach focuses on elevating the temperature to hyperthermic levels in a specific zone or area.
  • Systemic: This involves whole-body hyperthermia, raising the temperature over the entire body to hyperthermic levels.

Systemic Perfusion Hyperthermia Technique

Our dedicated medical team conducts a comprehensive evaluation to ascertain if this treatment is the optimal choice for our patients. Utilizing principles from cardiology and nephrology, our experts have developed advanced hyperthermia equipment specifically designed for cancer treatment.

The chosen hyperthermia system and its operational proficiency are of paramount importance. This system, governed by a computer, ensures a steady flow and temperature regulation, eliminating the possibility of human error. The initial step involves placing a central two-sided catheter to facilitate high output and return flow, connecting it to the hyperthermia system to gradually elevate the blood and subsequently, the body’s temperature.

Hyperthermia and Complementary Treatments

Hyperthermia can be synergistically combined with other cancer treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation, enhancing their efficacy without increasing systemic toxicity. This combination has emerged as a novel clinical modality in cancer treatment, backed by positive results from randomized trials.

Duration of Treatment

Research indicates that patients benefit significantly from 2 to 4-hour sessions of sustained hyperthermia, fostering optimal outcomes.

Benefits of the Institute’s Hyperthermia Cancer Treatment

  • Swift transition to the hyperthermic state, with our perfusion system taking approximately 20 to 25 minutes to reach the desired temperature.
  • Patients remain alert, negating the need for sedation, thus avoiding potential discomfort and facilitating longer therapeutic sessions.
  • A notable improvement in muscle and bone pain due to the immunomodulatory effects of the treatment.
  • Precise control over the patient’s core body temperature, a feature not available with other techniques.

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