Financing Cancer Treatment 

While cancer treatment at our clinic in Tijuana costs dramatically less than it does in the U. S. and Canada, many patients ask us how they can defray some or all of the cost of treatment. 

We don’t directly accept any US or Canadian health insurance, but we do endorse programs that patients can take advantage of if they are eligible. These programs help patients leverage their life insurance and/or private health insurance policies to pay for medical care, travel and accommodations. 

american life fund

Life Insurance

American Life Fund is an industry-leading viatical settlement company. We have helped hundreds of individuals with cancer obtain cash for their life insurance policy. Many people use these funds for medical bills, alternative treatment, or to supplement a loss of income. We have an easy, 3-step approval process and can provide funds to individuals in as little as 2 weeks.

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Health Insurance

In some cases, you can recover costs for treatment through your health insurance company. We partner with a patient advocacy group – American Medical Health Alliance (AMHA) – that specializes in helping our patients through the process. 

AMHA can get reimbursement for treatment from your PPO insurance – sometimes up to 80% of total costs. Each case is different, but AMHA can evaluate your case in one to two days to give you an idea of what the possibilities are. Reimbursement usually takes one to four months to be paid. 

Medicare, Medicaid, and HMOs are not eligible.

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