A place for healing

Our facility is designed to focusing on healing. With a calming retreat feel, custom meal plan, supportive patient community and skilled team, we strive for the best treatment experience possible. In addition, we are located 1.6 miles from the US port of entry and conveniently nestled among quality restaurants and shopping district.

We also pride ourselves in our proficient team and equipment. Being a hyperthermia specialty center, we have the only systemic perfusion hyperthermia protocol and conductive hyperthermia equipment in the country; developed in Italy specifically for this center. With this we can provide more treatment options for those who attend.

Immunotherapy Institute is built for a patient’s wellbeing, not only the facility but also our staff’s mission is to have healthier and happy patients.


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Diego Rivera 2339,
Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana,
22010 Tijuana, B.C.

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