Chemotherapy Preconditioning is a cancer treatment program designed to improve chemotherapy success rates by preparing the future chemotherapy patient’s body to withstand negative side-effects of chemotherapy. Preconditioning helps patients adapt to chemotherapy and recover much more quickly at the conclusion of treatment. 

The program is popular with our patients because of its effectiveness and affordability. At just a fraction of the cost of one single chemotherapy session in the US, patients can  improve the success rates of chemotherapy up to 90%.

Chemotherapy Preconditioning Benefits

  • Chemotherapy effectiveness improvement: +80%-90%
  • Toxicity reduction: +80%
  • Faster recovery: +100%
  • Hair loss reduction +80%
  • Nausea reduction: +90%
  • Anemia reduction: +80%

The preconditioning program is for cancer patients who are scheduled to undergo chemotherapy and want to have their body in the best possible condition, by adjusting their body with the necessary tools to ensure the best possible outcome and quality-of-life after their chemotherapy treatment.

The Chemotherapy Preconditioning Protocol

Chemotherapy Preconditioning works in two phases, which are administered in six days of outpatient treatment – one week before the beginning of chemotherapy. Both phases start with immune and metabolic stimulation to prepare the body for the strong effects of chemotherapy. The first phase employs perfusion systemic hyperthermia and the second involves the use of electro-hyperthermia system in the second phase.


Phase 1 & 2

Immune Stimulation: Here we increase the levels of precursor cells, including dendritic cell growth to provide the necessary tools and resources for the immune system to fight malignant cells.

Metabolic Stimulation: Here we provide the personalization that is needed for each cancer type and individual situation by providing a personalized nutrition and supplementation plan to prepare the body for withstanding the toxic effects of chemotherapy.

Phase 1

Tumor Destruction: Systemic Perfusion Hyperthermia is provided to allow for optimal amount of cellular information about the tumor, so that the immune system can improve its recognition and fighting capabilities during chemotherapy.

Phase 2

Tumor Presentation:  We employ Electro Hyperthermia and Systemic Elements to enhance the immune system’s ability to recognize and fight back malignant tumors.

Chemotherapy Preconditioning can done in conjunction with other cancer treatments with no negative effects.

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