Bringing the body back into balance

Our body is exposed to different toxins in our day to day routine. Toxins can be produced by a living being, a chemical, or the environment.

Our also habits over-expose us to toxic agents including:

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Drugs
  • Viruses
  • Fungi
  • Bacteria
  • Parasites
  • Chronic infections

Fortunately, our body was designed to defend itself and has the specific ability to eliminate toxic agents through different systems and excretory organs, the main one being the liver. The liver has multiple functions directed specifically to eliminate toxins in the body.

Toxicity is the ability of a chemical to produce detrimental effects on a living being upon contact with it 

As a toxin enters our body the spread can be sudden or gradual; however, there are certain types of toxic agents the body is not able to eliminate without generating deadly damage.

Our body needs specific support to fight against toxins and the best way to obtain it, is through an optimal diet. Our body needs certain nutrients at its cellular level to fight against toxins, which are one of the leading causes of cancer.

How detoxification works for cancer treatment 

The term detoxification in traditional medicine is typically reduced to situations of either substance abuse or environmental factors. For some reason we take the body’s ability to eliminate toxins or detoxify as a rule, even within the presence disease.

In traditional oncology, toxicity is limited to situations where either the body damage is excessive or the treatment cannot be carried out by intolerance. Common symptoms of this toxicity are: nausea, vomiting, laboratory alterations that reflect alterations in the function of systems and organs, hair loss, weight loss, destruction of plasma cells, to mention a few.

Cancer develops at our body´s cellular level. When a patient is suffering from this disease you can find large amounts of toxins such as: waste, dead cells and pro-inflammatory agents, among others.

Once the disease starts to spread, our body is not healthy enough to fight it or eliminate the toxins through the liver and the different excretory systems. When a patient turns to conventional treatment, such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, there is a high percentage of side effects, one of them being high toxicity agents, causing more complications in the patient’s health.

The combination of the toxicity of the treatments (external) and toxicity created by disease that wasn’t eliminated (internal) compromises the integrity of the patient resulting in the rapid decline of their physical state. The damage and complications can be passing, severe or even permanent

The detoxification process

Detoxification is a cardinal step in the management of cancer and any other chronic degenerative disease. Our detox process begins with a proper evaluation of the systems and organs responsible for the detoxification (elimination of toxins), to see if they are functioning in the expected manner and have the proper support to fulfill their objectives.

The metabolic manipulation of the liver for a better elimination of waste, ensuring the presence of substrates necessary to increase the excretion function by this organ.

  • Ensure that the elimination functions by the digestive and urinary organs are done inadequate form and frequency.
  • Skin is an organ part of the elimination, we see this typically through sweating, so we can make use of therapeutic interventions that activate these systems for to enhance this purpose.

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