Your Support Network is Key to Your Recovery

As you undergo treatment, particularly cancer treatment, it is vital to surround yourself with positive, loving, compassionate friends and family. This support network will help you maintain hope, energize you throughout treatment and recovery, and empower you to keep fighting.

A Support Group Can Truly Make a Difference

It can be invaluable to have additional support at this time, beyond family, friends, and even our team here at Immunity Therapy Center. Whether facing a cancer diagnosis or a chronic degenerative, autoimmune, or infectious disease; there is a different, special bond to be found in the support of those who are, or have been, just where you are. This is the value of a support group.

We’re with You Every Step of the Way

At Immunity Therapy Center, we are honored to be a part of your cancer support network. Our team is here throughout your alternative therapy and natural cancer treatment program to keep you informed, help you stay hopeful, and offer emotional support when you need it. We are dedicated to a compassionate standard of care.

Finding a Support Group

First and foremost, think of your own wellbeing. This is a time to honor your comfort zone. Which of the following most appeals to you?

  • The anonymity of an online forum.
  • The in-person connection of a local meeting.
  • The no-pressure dynamic of a private social media group.

Next, we recommend beginning an online search. The internet is a great resource for locating the best support group for your unique needs.

  • If you prefer a national organization/forum: start with a general search including terms like your type of cancer/disease, and the type of organization you seek.
  • For local meetings, try, a website that instantly connects you to nearby groups in your area of interest.
  • For social media, Facebook offers the most expansive opportunity for communication, but Twitter and Instagram are also sources of support, solidarity, and inspiration.