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A Guide to Treating Melanoma Skin Cancer

By February 23, 2023No Comments
A Guide to Treating Melanoma Skin Cancer

Are you looking for Melanoma Treatment in Mexico? Don’t worry, you have landed on the right page. Here, you will find a piece of detailed information about Melanoma Skin Cancer, its symptoms, and treatment.

Melanoma is also known as malignant melanoma. This a common cancer case which requires medical diagnosis, imaging or lab tests and can be treated by a professional doctor. Melanoma cancer is one of the most serious types of cancer that develops in melanocytes. To date, no exact cause of Melanoma has been found but it is believed that exposure to UV rays from the sun, tanning lamps or beds can increase the chances of developing this kind of cancer.

Facts about Melanoma

  • Changes in the size or look of your existing mole. The development of unusual or pigmented growth is a common sign of Melanoma cancer.
  • Melanoma can also be hidden and can be caused in areas like the eyes, under your nail, the digestive tract, mouth, vagina, or urinary tract.
  • There are A, B, C, D, and E of this cancer. It stands for asymmetrical shape, border irregularities, changes in colour, diameter, and evolving.
  • Fair skin, history of skin burn, family history of melanoma, and weak immune can be the risk factors for developing this type of skin cancer.

Treatment of Melanoma

Various factors affect Melanoma skin cancer treatments and some of them are the stage of cancer, place of cancer, age of the person, and others. If you are diagnosed with Melanoma, you must seek consultation with a professional. A dermatologist, surgical oncologist, medical oncologist, or radiation oncologist can treat melanoma.

Different types of treatments can be used to treat melanoma. Let us know about them in brief.

Melanoma surgery: This is the common Melanoma Treatment in Mexico. Usually, this is done by a professional doctor in the early stages of your melanoma. To perform the surgery, the dermatologist first numbs the skin and then removes the margins along with the melanoma. Professionals believe that if it’s the beginning of cancer, then there is a high probability of melanoma being cured.

Immunotherapy: As the name of the treatment says, ‘immune-o-therapy’, stimulates your immune system that helps in fighting melanoma cancer.

Targeted cancer therapy: The term ‘targeted’ makes the meaning of targeted cancer therapy much more understandable. Under this treatment, drugs are used for the therapy. The drug’s main focus is to target cancer cells and let healthy or other cells be untouched.

Radiation therapy: To attack the cancer cells, high-energy rays are used that shrink the tumours.

Metastasectomy: To remove melanoma bits, Metastasectomy is used.

Lymphadenectomy: If your melanoma has spread then Lymphadenectomy treatment can help in treating and stopping it from spreading to other areas.

Chemotherapy: Various drugs are used in the chemotherapy treatment of melanoma and some of them are Cisplatin, Carboplatin, Temozolomide, and Dacarbazine. This is one of the most common and best Melanoma Skin Cancer treatments.

How to prevent Melanoma?

Melanoma can be prevented by following the points mentioned below.

  • Avoid going in the sun, especially between 10 am to 4 pm.
  • Stop using tanning beds.
  • Cover yourself if you are going out in the sun.
  • Use sunscreen before stepping out during the day.

Melanoma skin cancer can be very dangerous so it’s better to get Melanoma Treatment in Mexico as soon as the cancer is diagnosed.

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