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Can Rife Machine Cure Ovarian Cancer?

By September 30, 2022October 11th, 2022No Comments
Can Rife Machine Cure Ovarian Cancer?

Many times, ovarian cancer is not discovered until it has spread to the pelvis and stomach. Ovarian cancer is much more difficult to cure and may be fatal at this advanced stage.cancer is uncommon, but it is more deadly than other tumours of the female reproductive system. Ovarian cancer treatment is significantly simpler in the early stages. There are no regular checkups for ovarian cancer, in contrast to other diseases including breast and colon cancer. A rectovaginal pelvic examination by your doctor may reveal any anomalies.

What is a Rife machine?

The Rife machine was created in the 1920s and 1930s by American physicist Royal Raymond Rife. He created a device that emits electromagnetic waves of extremely low energy. These are comparable to radio waves and are undetectable to the human ear. Via them and into the body, the device transmits electromagnetic waves. Utilizing it a few minutes per day, several times per week can help individuals in ovarian cancer treatment. Rife frequency generators and Rife ray machines are some of the other names for Rife machines.

How does a Rife machine work?

According to research, other bodily cells vibrate at greater frequencies than cancer cells, which vibrate at lower frequencies. Low waves used by the rife machine target malignant cells. The patient has two options: hold onto a tube of plasma or apply electrical pads to their hands and feet.Either the patient can hold on to a tube of plasma or apply electrical pads to their hands and feet. These pads or tubes are attached to the device that creates an electromagnetic wave for a certain cancer type. The ideal frequency and length of administration for ovarian cancer treatment can be determined with the assistance of a professional.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy has been investigated as a potential substitute for invasive tumour operations and chemotherapy which may not fully eliminate cancer cells that have spread. According to one study, they had no negative effects on healthy cells while stopping the growth of some malignant cells. Another study discovered that certain kinds of electromagnetic radiation can halt the growth of tumours.

Why do people use Rife machines to treat cancer?

Rife thought tumours produced particular electromagnetic frequencies due to bacteria or viruses (EMFs). He created another device known as the Rife Frequency Generator in the 1930s. He asserted that it generated low-energy radio waves at a frequency similar to that of cancer-causing microorganisms. He thought that transmitting this frequency into the body would cause cancer-causing microorganisms to break down and die. Because they think viruses and bacteria are to blame for cancer, some people utilise Rife machines.Unlike other cancer treatments, ripe machines have not undergone the same extensive testing.

The use of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) to treat cancer has only recently begun. Researchers have concluded that low-frequency electromagnetic waves have an impact on tumours but not on non-cancerous cells. It’s still early in the research process. Additionally, there have been no human investigations. The investigations also employ radiofrequency that are distinct from those produced by Rife machines.Ovarian cancer treatment with a Rife machine is currently a subject of early research.

The risk with the Rife machine

Although there is little chance of negative side effects, there is no proof that utilizing a Rife machine helps treat cancer. Rife machines can, however, differ greatly in terms of both quality and design. According to some reports, low-quality equipment may expose users to the risk of electrical burns and shocks, or the equipment may not be electrically secure. Others have had skin irritation or rashes as a result of the electrical pads, especially if they use glue. The biggest danger from using a Rife machine is delaying conventional cancer therapy.Rife machines cannot be utilized for ovarian cancer treatment, according to the available research.


According to Rife’s theory, the bacteria that resided inside the tumour cells caused cancer. He thought that locating their particular electromagnetic frequency and sending it into the body of a patient, would kill the bacteria. Vibrating them at a “mortal oscillatory rate” could eradicate the illness.However, there is no scientific proof that Rife machines can be used for ovarian cancer treatment or any other condition.

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