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Immunotherapy | Know All The Benefits & Risks!

By August 10, 2022No Comments
Immunotherapy | Know All The Benefits & Risks!

Today, we are going to share with you some things about cancer immunotherapy treatment. Right from what immunotherapy is to all the treatment strategies included in Immunotherapy. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s jump right into it.

What is Immunotherapy?

Before getting in-depth into immunotherapy, let’s first understand what the immune system is and how it works. The immune system in our body is part of our body’s defence system against several infections and diseases. Immunotherapy treatment is a type of treatment that helps kickstart our immune system. Usually, most the traditional and conventional cancer treatments disrupt or even restrict our immune system, their immunotherapy helps in keeping the system up and running by activating the immune cells throughout the body which can help in destroying the cancerous tumours.

Cancer cells are very tricky and are often hidden from the immune system. This is where immunotherapy helps. Immunotherapy attempts to fight cancerous cells by detecting them by outsmarting them.

cancer immunotherapy treatment also has a memory of its own that allows it to stay effective in our bodies for a longer duration which keeps you cancer-free for a longer time. Another highlight of immunotherapy is that it comes with no serious side effects and is lighter than conventional cancer treatments including surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.

List of Different Immunotherapy Treatment Strategies

Unlike what you might think, Immunotherapy is a group of treatment strategies. What all treatment strategies are there?

  • Monoclonal antibodies

These are the antibodies that are developed to target specific parts of cancer cells that are usually known as antigens. When injected, they mark cancer cells for destruction and block the growth signals & receptors on cancer cells. This also helps other treatments reach the targeted cancer cells.

  • Cancer vaccinations

Another immunotherapy treatment strategy is cancer vaccination. These cancer vaccinations are created from modified viruses and even tumour cells which help immune cells to the cancer cells. There are several prophylactic vaccines available today that prevent viruses that cause cancer.

  • Adoptive T-Cell transfer (T-cell therapy)

T-cells are usually collected from the patient and are usually multiplied to mass quantity or are engineered with new cancer-finding receptors before they are injected into the patient again.

  • Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors

There are many types of cancer cells that are smart enough to turn off the immune cells when introduced into the body. This is where these immune checkpoint inhibitors play a vital role. These inhibitors prevent this from happening.

These immunotherapy treatment strategies have definitely come a long way. It is quite superior to all the conventional cancer treatments including chemotherapy or radiation. There are many side effects of immunotherapy like flu-like symptoms, rashes, diarrhea, and infusion reactions. Still, these side effects are less severe than those of conventional cancer treatments – radiation and chemotherapy.

Now that we have understood what immunotherapy is and what are different treatment strategies included in it, let’s discuss the benefits of immunotherapy.

Benefits of Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is the type of cancer treatment that can work effectively when the conventional treatments have failed you. Cancers that don’t respond to either chemotherapy or radiation respond well to immunotherapy. Not only it is effective, but it can also help other treatments to work better. Apart from this, immunotherapy entails a lower set of side effects. When treated with immunotherapy, there is a lower chance of cancer returning.

Considering all this. This alternative cancer treatment is quite effective. So, if the conventional treatment is something that has failed you, you must try out this immunotherapy.

Risks of Immunotherapy

There are many risks associated with immunotherapy. Some of these risks are –

  • You might get a bad reaction
  • There are some side effects of this treatment like fever, fatigue, weight gain, palpitation, and more.
  • It can cause serious harm to different organs and systems.
  • It can stop affecting if taken continuously.


In the end, we would say that if you are looking for alternative cancer treatment, you must try out this immunotherapy treatment. This has proven to be very effective with minimal side effects. For cancer patients who are tired of conventional treatments which are not paying off, it is time to switch to an alternative approach. Luckily, we can help you find the right place to get these holistic cancer treatments and will also make sure that you are comfortably treated. There are many holistic cancer treatment centres in Mexico, which, we can guide you through.

Immunotherapy has helped several patients get back to healthy living. So, why wait? Try this alternative cancer treatment today and see the results.

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